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Video Gallery - Destinations

From the glistening fairy-tale castles of the Danube to the sweeping romantic landscapes of southern France, our award-winning river cruises visit some of the most enchanting and awe-inspiring destinations in the world.

Take a look at the destination guide videos below to get a sense of the incredible sights and sounds awaiting you on an Emerald Waterways cruise. Of course, no video can fully capture the vibrant heart of these incredible lands better than living the experience in real life, so we hope to introduce you to these wonderful locations in person soon. Sit back, relax and click play.

The delightful Danube


The Danube journeys through the very heart of Europe, passing through 10 different countries and calling in at some of the world’s most elegant, vibrant and influential cities - including Budapest, Vienna, Bratislava and Belgrade.

The Romantic Rhône


Cutting a serene path through the heart of France, medieval cities and Roman ruins line the remarkable Rhône as it journeys south through ancient villages and prosperous towns. Gallic heritage can be experienced on every bend of this beautiful river.

Fabien Morreale


Our 8-Day Sensations of Lyon & Provence River Cruise hosts Fabien Morreale, finalist in the French television show Top Chef. Fabien has created a wonderful menu, showcasing the most delicious produce from the Burgundy and Provence regions.

The Enchanting Douro


Navigating the beautiful Douro year round, Cruise Director Rachel knows these enchanting waterways like the back of her hand. Journey with her through Portugal's charming and mysterious countryside, offering a snapshot into this unmistakable gem.

Why the Douro?


The Douro runs through one of Europe’s most beautiful stretches of countryside, flanked by vineyards under the warming Portuguese sun. Traditional wineries and charming villages break up the fields of green which typify the Douro region.