Best Christmas markets in Germany

Top 5 Best Christmas Markets in Germany

It is the happiest time of the year once again! The time for fairy lights, long-awaited gifts, binge eating, and a whole lot of festive fun. When it comes to the best Christmas markets, one can hardly argue that Europe has some of the world’s best Christmas markets. The cities are bathed in winter wonder with snowflakes softly landing on cobbled streets, melodious Christmas carols cutting through the cold, and the air scented with the aroma of warm roasted chestnuts, deliciously spiced gluhwein, and freshly baked gingerbread. Speaking of gluhwein, amongst all the European nations, German Christmas Markets are famous around the world for their impeccable decorations and vast range of stalls. 
Here is our take on the top 5 Christmas markets in Germany to visit this holiday season. 

Christkindlesmarkt, Nuremberg

Delighting locals and tourists alike since time immemorial, the Christmas market of Nuremberg is undoubtedly the star of all German Christmas Markets. Drop by to enjoy the delicious and famous Nuremberg Bratwurst, bite into a massive gingerbread cookie, take a horse-drawn carriage ride, shop for the prettiest ornaments and soak in the holiday spirit. 

Rüdesheim Christmas Market 

Known as the Christmas market of the nations, this German Christmas market hosts more than a hundred stalls, representing more than a dozen nations, each showcasing their own Christmas specialities, customs and celebrations. Delight in the sight of the beams of Rüdesheim’s half-timbered houses covered in glimmering fairy lights as you stroll through the UNESCO World Heritage-listed historical landscape of the Rhine Gorge. 

Cologne Cathedral Christmas Market 

Think Cologne and you’re instantly thinking of its magnificent, gothic Cologne Cathedral. During Christmas the imposing structure is surrounded by a million twinkling fairy lights, with a gigantic Christmas tree in the centre, the largest in Rhineland. The market hosts 150 stands and sees over 4 million visitors each year. To drink traditional glühwein out of beautifully decorated mugs in the shadow of the UNESCO World Heritage-listed Cologne Cathedral is an absolute must. While the Cathedral Market is one of the most popular Christmas market in Germany, the Cologne hosts a total of seven idyllic Christmas markets that effortlessly transform the postcard-worthy city into a winter wonderland. 

Christkindlmarkt, Regensburg

The Bavarian town of Regensburg plays host to some of the best Christmas markets in Germany. The Christkindlmarkt on Neupfarrplatz is the oldest market in the town and is famous for over 40 varieties of glühwein. You can look forward to customary flavours like apple and orange to unique ones like hot chocolate and brandy punch. Enjoy a snack at the market’s various stalls, look for unique Christmas ornaments or buy Christmas gifts for loved ones back home. 

Berliner Weihnachtszeit 

On the topic of German Christmas Markets, the nation’s capital cannot be too far behind. Out of the many markets in the city, the Berliner Weihnachtszeit at the Rotes Rathaus is one of the best Christmas markets and also one of the oldest in the city. Ice rinks, 50-metre tall Ferris wheel, carousels, and more, this is certainly one of the most fun Christmas markets in the country. What’s more, Santa visits three times a day, making the market an instant hit with the kids. 
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