The must-try culinary dishes of Europe

The Top 8 Must Try Culinary Dishes of Europe

Culinary exploration of a destination forms an integral part of every holiday. And with a culture so rich and varied, there are scores of options on the list of best things to eat in Europe. To keep you from getting confused about what to eat in Europe, here’s our top eight as a guideline.

France: Provençal Beef Daube 

This classic French stew is made with braised beef, red wine, vegetables and herbes de Provence – a mix of dried herbs from the Provence region, including rosemary, thyme, oregano and lavender. The delectable concoction is served topped with cheese with a side of bread, or ladled over a plate of pasta. Certainly one of the best things to eat in Europe
Provençal beef daube

Germany: Sauerbraten (roast beef stew)

Another item to add to your list of what to eat in Europe is the national dish of Germany, the Sauerbraten. Prepared primarily from beef, the meat is marinated for several days, sometimes even weeks in red wine and vinegar, following which, it is cooked with vegetable for a wholesome, succulent meal. 
Germany's Sauerbraten

Austria: Wiener Schnitzel

Next on the list is another national dish, the Wiener schnitzel. Given its popularity even outside Austria, it really is one of the best things to eat in Europe. Made with a thin slice of veal, covered in bread crumbs and pan-fried, Wiener schnitzel is the perfect crispy, golden snack that has been pleasing palates since the mid-19th century. 
Austria's Wiener Schnitzel

Hungary: Gulyás (goulash)

Everyone’s heard of this traditional Hungarian dish, and probably even tried it before, but to enjoy this delicious stew in its homeland is certainly something to add to your list of ‘what to eat in Europe’. Goulash or gulyás, as the locals call it, is originally a soup prepared with meat and vegetables, generously seasoned with paprika and spices – the perfect winter soup for every kind of soul. 
Hungarian Goulash

Portugal: Bacalhau

Portugal is a fish loving country and bacalhau is one of their favourite foods. A dried and salted cod, bacalhau is used in over 356 recipes nation-wide – from fillets to casserole-style, there’s a lot of bacalhau to add to your list of ‘what to eat in Europe’. Fun fact, this national favourite is actually not an indigenous fish at all, but is instead brought in from the waters around Iceland and Norway.
Portugal Bacalhau

The Netherlands: Bitterballen

To get your fill of deep-fried snacks, try the Netherlands’ favourite bitterballen. The perfect accompaniment to your Dutch beer, bitterballen is made with a thick roux mixed with meat, which is then refrigerated, rolled into balls and deep-fried. Without a doubt, these Dutch meatballs are one of the best things to eat in Europe.
Bitterballen - The Netherlands

Slovakia: Bryndzové halušky

Bryndzové halušky is one of the national dishes of Slovakia and is a wonderfully simple, rich and creamy dish that simply melts in the mouth. This Slovakian comfort food is made using halušky – gnocchi like potato balls, and bryndza – a local sheep cheese, and sprinkled with a generous amount of crispy bacon. The Slovaks will say ‘dobrú chu’ or ‘enjoy your meal’ before you eat, and with worthy additions like bryndzové halušky, we have no doubt you will. 
Slovakia's Bryndzové halušky

Poland: Bigos

When in Poland, don’t forget to add Bigos to your list of ‘what to eat in Europe’. This stew is very versatile and has endless recipe variations. Traditionally hunters would come from their hunt and drop in whatever meat they had into a large pot, and stew it with sauerkraut and shredded fresh cabbage – this gave the stew its alternate name, hunter’s stew. Today, the recipes include various vegetables, mushrooms, herbs and spices for a nourishing, soul-soothing meal.  
Poland Bigos
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